Sunday, 3 March 2013

Tamworth Website Design

Tamworth is located in the New England region of NSW and is famous for being the Country Music Capital of Australia. It has an estimated population of just under 50,000 people.

Bell Media is a website design company that provides online solutions for small businesses. Not only do they provide professional and affordable website packages but they also show you effective ways of driving traffic to your new website. They also offer tools that help covert your website visitors into qualified leads.

Driving traffic to your website can be hard and if you dont know what your are doing it can seem imposible. Bell Media is here to help, they are able to help get your business listed in the most popular search engines and show you ways for staying there.

BellMe Click to Call is a telecommunications tools that is installed on your business website providing a free call to your website visitors. This service is a great way of generating leads and customers call your business directly from your website.

Website video presenter are a great way for educating your web visitors and Bell Media are the premier suppliers in Australia. With the increasing demand for website videos it is crucial to have a professionally produced video by Bell Media installed on your website.

Bell Media provides the small businesses of Tamworth affordable website design. With over 6 years of experience designing websites for small businesses they know exactly what your small  business needs to get online fast. They will help get your business online, drive interested customers to your website and covert them into sales.

For a full service company please contact Bell Media Today and find what they can do for you.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Benefits of using click to call

Technology has evolved so that businesses can directly communicate with consumers who click a link on their website. Bell Media has developed a click to call technology that removes the need for a traditional call center. Instead, customers can communicate their needs and even orders with live agent. Such communication increases web traffic, communication and sales. Most people have a phone near them when they surf the web or want to save time. Having a click to call feature on a website offers another layer of customer service. The agent and the consumer can browse the web together and have all questions answered. A conversation could be the push a person needs to purchase goods or services. 

Video And Click To Call

Informing your consumers about the click to call feature on your website helps. The best way of doing this is by adding a website video or a video spokesperson. This is just one metode of using video on your website.

Click To Call Customer Service 

Consumers like when they have all of their questions answered quickly and efficiently. Having a click to call feature means that people can have questions about products, shipping and prices answered by live agents. Consumers like immediate responses. A positive exchange with a representative could be the push a person needs to make a purchase. Customer satisfaction can means that a person is likely to make another purchase in the future. 

Click To Call Saves Time

Click to call cuts down communication time. Consumers can click a link and easily have all of their questions answered. The customer is quickly routed to the right representative. Thus, a person has less work to do and a business can directly answer people's needs. This saves both parties a lot of time and research. 

Click To Call Is Easy to Use 

Businesses should embrace click to call because it is easy to add to a small business website. All people need to do is sign up, fill in the appropriate information, customize a logo and paste the information on the website. In no time at all, a business can talk to visitors. 

Capture Important Information 

This technology also captures consumers' information. This is important so that a business can refine its marketing campaigns. A person's name, phone number and location will be recorded. Additionally, important data about a call will also be saved: the date and time of the conversation, minutes an agent spoke with a customer and call schedules. 

SMS Verification Screens Calls 

No business wants to deal with spam or prank calls. This is why there is SMS code verification to authenticate users who need information. Such features ensure that click to call is used only by real consumers with real questions. 

Many Ways to Use Click to Call 

Click to call can be used not only on a website or blog but also on banner advertisements and in search engines. Some businesses will also include such links in their emails, PDFs and newsletters. Such access gives consumers all of the information they need to click, call and communicate with a business. 

Businesses that want to increase their web traffic, sales and client base should consider investing in click to call features. This technology is easy to add to a website and increases direct communication with potential customers. People love to feel special and appreciated. A positive discussion between a consumer and agent is sure to improve a business's image and reach.

Website Videos Improves SEO

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many how much traffic is a video worth? The answer is: A lot. According to statistics, consumers who viewed video of a product are 174 percent more likely to make a purchase than those who didn't. Not only that, blogs that include video in their format gained up to 3 times the number of inbound links over other blogs. Visitors also spent a longer amount of time on their blogs, and search engine-generated traffic increased by 157 percent.

Website video content allows your visitors to see how your product works, and they can view it at their convenience. It is the next best thing to a live presentation and is more persuasive than static content such as photos or text. A well made video can be viewed and shared again and again.

Intelligent video integration allows a small business website to connect with their market in a more personal way, over a variety of platforms, including mobile users and social media. The best way to integrate video into every phase of your Internet marketing scheme is by SEO.

Video SEO works a little different than traditional keyword-based SEO in search engines like Google, and using it wisely will ensure that your page ranks higher and gets more hits over traditional SEO and other Internet marketing techniques.

Here's how it works.

Video SEO is a little different than just uploading a video to YouTube. Although this is great, and embedding links to video on your Facebook or Google+ helps with interaction and customer education, it doesn't necessarily increase traffic your site.

Using traditional small business SEO, Google finds your page via web crawlers that look for matching keywords. When you submit your video content to Google, add a video sitemap, witch is an HTML-like format that helps Google identify video. You should also add a robots.txt extension to all video files for verification.

In order to make certain that your content ranks higher, make sure the video title and the title tag are the same. You should also use longer tags with more specific words; Google algorithms respond better to these than short or non-specific tags.

By using video SEO correctly, you bypass some of the other considerations that traditional SEO encounters when Google considers ranking, such as the age and size of the website. The form of your video content is also irrelevant for search ranking considerations; you can use screen capture, slideshows, or animations as well. The only consideration is the form and syntax of the tags you use when submitting your content.

If you want to get more traffic to your site, keep visitors there longer, achieve better search ranking, and reach more people across a wider spectrum, contact Bell Media today add a website video to your site.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

5 Things All Small Business Websites Should Have

A professional looking small business website can often be the deciding factor in the success or failure of a business. Whether you're part of a larger corporation or a small business, the effect a website can have on your operation cannot be understated. The question then, is what exactly comprises a high quality internet presence? Below are just a few of the simple things that can be done to make an effective small business website. 

1: Start a Blog

Blogs are essentially online journals that any browsing a website can read. While its value might seem questionable at first, it's important to remember that as a growing small business, your goal should be to connect with your clients as much as possible. By establishing a personal connection with potential consumers, you can trust that they will be much more loyal in the long run. 

Another important aspect of blogs is to consider their value as a promotional tool. Aside from talking about events in your personal life, blogs are a great way of informing people about new events, contests, and special discounts that they might not otherwise be aware of. 

2: Establish a Contact Form

Along a similar vein as setting the blog itself up, it's a good idea to include some element of a contact form on the website itself. Nowadays, people are less inclined to look up a phone number if they could just as easily ask questions or seek information via email. A contact form shows that your small business cares about what its customers think, as well as assuring them that you are readily available should they have any concerns. 

3: Develop a Page Title

To ensure a strong web presence, it's important to develop a good webpage title for your site. Not only will this be something that clients see upon arrival, but it will also be what stays with them after exiting your site. An unprofessional webpage can make your site appear as though it was only constructed as an afterthought. Not only does this reflect poorly on you, but on the remaining components of your small business website as well. 

4: Think Before Uploading

This should go without saying, but make sure that the content you upload to your website is not only well thought out, but written expertly as well. Poorly worded websites, plagued by misspellings, aren't going to interest many visitors into sticking around for much time. This will reduce traffic and prevent people from wanting to support your small business in the future. Taking the time to properly review the content you upload will save both time and money in the long run. 

5: Utilize a Content Management System

Speaking of saving time and money, a content management system can be a great aid to someone already overworked with managing a small business. Put simply, a content management system takes care of the "back-end" of building and maintaining a website so that you can focus solely on what appears on the "front-end" of the website. Once you've found a content management system that's right for you, running a professional small business website is as simple as following the steps already outlined above.

Contact Bell Media to find out they can help out and get your small business online.